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Know What To Check If Your Well Pump Has No Power

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If you don’t live in the city, you probably have a well so that you can get drinking water. Your well needs to have a pump so that it can get the water from the well to your house. But, like everything, pumps can give out. If you aren’t getting any water from your well, you will want to know what you can do to get the water flowing back to your house as soon as possible. Check the Circuit Breaker If you have turned on your water faucet and no water comes out, the first thing you should go check is if your pump is getting power. There are a couple of places that you can check. One is the circuit breaker on the well. If there was some electrical surge with the pump itself, it may trigger its own internal circuit breaker. That automatic trigger protects the pump from further damage. If that circuit is still functional, then you will want to go check your house’s main circuit breaker. Check to see if the main circuit is still on. You may want to turn the circuit off and back on when you are there. There are a couple of reasons to do that. One is that sometimes the circuit trips, but the switch doesn’t always go all the way over, and another is that turning it off and then back on can often make the system work again.  Causes There are a lot of things that can cause a circuit breaker to trip. That can include something like a minor hiccup in your electrical grid. Sometimes the power doesn’t flow as smoothly as it should, and you will see a little blip in your house’s power system. That can cause your lights to blink or a clock to reset. It can also cause the circuit breakers to blow if the gap is big enough. The breakers are there to protect the system from damage that could be caused by surges in power. A power brownout could also cause the problem. That would be when the power load is too heavy for your area’s power grid and part of the system has to shut down. If none of those things happened and your circuit breaker immediately shuts back off, leave it alone and call a professional to come look at it. This is a more serious problem than you can handle alone.  You don’t want to be left with no water going in your house. Knowing what to check on your well pump is a good start to getting your water back...

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Food For Thought! Start A Conversation On Cultural Awareness With These 3 Delicious African Desserts

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With 3 out of 4 white Americans agreeing that racism within America is at least a “somewhat serious” national problem, it’s important to teach your children cultural awareness and acceptance as soon as possible. There are plenty of controversies and allowing your children to experience and taste food from different cultures can be a great way to starting this conversation. Desserts tend to be most popular amongst children. If you’re not sure where to start, here are 3 delicious traditional African food desserts you can order online. The Spongy Sweetness of Malva Pudding A traditional South African pudding that is quite popular amongst natives is Malva pudding. This delicious baked pudding has a spongy texture and tastes like apricot jam. It is an absolute treat that is usually served warm after a large meal with cream or ice-cream on the side. The Healthiness of South African Yogurt Cake If you’re a tad health conscious and would like to stray away from desserts that are packed full with sugar, order South African yogurt cake. This yummy cake originates from the heart of South Africa and has an interesting moist texture to it due to the incorporation of a lot of yogurt in the recipe. Yogurt cake is usually served with icing on top; however, you can easily forgo the icing and still have a wonderful experience, as the cake does not really need the added sugar. Some people serve different types of healthy sides with the yogurt cake like seasonal fruits. You can basically add whatever you want on top for extra flavor. The Heartiness of All Bran Rusks Another amazing dessert that can be served with tea and an assortment of other cakes, jams and desserts is all bran rusk. All bran rusks are extremely healthy, as they do not contain a lot of sugar. In addition, different assortments of all bran rusks that you can order online may incorporate different types of nuts and seeds into the recipe. Conclusion Introducing your children to different types of traditional foods can be a good stepping stone to teaching them how to appreciate the differences in each culture. In addition to being able to have a talk about acceptance, both you and your children can take this opportunity to try out a new experience. For all you know, you might love these desserts and decide to serve more types of different desserts after each...

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Healthy Pizza Trends To Try In 2016

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Pizza is a classic, tried and true Italian dish. While the usual topping combinations are delicious and sure to please your taste buds, the old standbys of pepperoni, sausage and peppers, and cheese are not always the healthiest options. With so many food allergies showing up in the population, especially in children, healthier options are becoming more available. Many Americans are also turning to specific diets for weight loss and other health benefits. Even if you don’t have a severe allergy or an intolerance, your loved ones or coworkers that do will appreciate when you order a healthy, tasty pizza that everyone can enjoy. The following is a list of options that are becoming easier to find at your favorite pizzeria or Italian restaurant: Gluten Free About 20% of Americans are trying to include more gluten free foods in their diets. There are several variations of crust that can be made to accommodate those who eat a gluten free diet due to celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. Cornmeal or rice crusts are delicious and healthy alternatives to those who are avoiding wheat and gluten. Dairy or Lactose Free Many Americans feel better when they avoid dairy items or foods that contain lactose. There are many new options available for those that are avoiding cheese made out of cow’s milk. There are cheeses that are made out of cashews that come in traditional pizza flavors like mozzarella. There are also cheeses made out of soy and almond milk.  For cheese options that contain dairy but not lactose, there are cheeses that are made out of yogurt that can actually help your digestion. Paleo For those who are avoiding and limiting carbohydrates, pizza may seem off the table. But with new recipes that use processed cauliflower flour to make a crust completely composed of vegetables, pizza can fit right into a paleo lifestyle as it contains the meat, dairy, and vegetables that are the cornerstone of this diet. Vegan With so many people giving up animal products, pizza may seem impossible to enjoy as part of a vegan diet. Nothing could be further from the truth! With all of the great vegan cheese options that are available and incredibly convincing soy products that are seasoned and processed to look like real meat, vegan pizza can be tasty treat.  For vegan purists that don’t believe in animal product imitations, there is pizza without any cheese and just a tomato or pesto base. Add two or three vegetables and you have a delicious pizza without any processed...

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Tips For Keeping Bread Fresh

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It’s important to make sure that your bread stays as fresh as possible in order to ensure that it tastes good for an extended period of time. However, many people don’t know how to keep bread from going stale besides eating it as soon as possible. Regardless of whether you are trying to preserve homemade bread or bread that you purchased from the grocery store, here are some tips for making sure that your bread stays delicious for as long as possible. 1. Freeze Your Bread You don’t want to refrigerate your bread because the temperature inside of your refrigerator are not cold enough to keep starch retrogradation (the reason why your bread goes stale) from occurring. On the other hand, putting your bread in the freezer is a great way to make sure that it continues to taste awesome for a long time. In order to freeze your bread properly, cut it into slices as soon as it is cool enough to cut. Then, take two of those slices and wrap it in plastic that will not degrade when it is frozen, such as a freezer bag. You want to freeze two slices of bread together because most people use two pieces of bread when they are eating bread at all. If you purchase bread from the store, separate the slices into twos and store them immediately upon returning home from the store. Put the bread in the freezer. Try to eat it as soon as it thaws. You can leave bread in the freezer for a long time and still have the bread taste amazing once it’s thawed. 2. Use the Right Bag If you make a lot of sandwiches, then you’re probably not going to want to go through the trouble of freezing and thawing your bread. Instead, examine the crust of your bread. If you have a hard-crusted bread, then you are going to want to store the loaf in a large paper bag. Fold the end of the bag over itself and tape it shut in order to reduce the amount of air that your bread is exposed to. If you have bread with a soft crust, you are going to want to wrap your bread in a plastic bag and seal it with a twist-tie. This will allow you to maintain the right crumb texture and freshness for as long as possible. 3. Heat Your Bread Finally, consider heating your bread in the oven if you think it’s on the verge of getting stale. This will help you maintain the flavor of the bread when you eat it even if you’ve left it longer than is perhaps best.  For more information, talk to bread suppliers like Klosterman Baking Company....

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Pig Pickin’: How To Cook A Whole Pig Like A Boss

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One of the most delicious southern cuisine staples of all time is a whole hog fresh off the grill or fire. Whether it’s a backyard barbecue with friends or eating at a popular restaurant, cooking an entire pig is considered an art form. If you’ve ever dreamed of being the cooking king, here’s some helpful tips so you can cook a whole pig yourself. Find Your Meat You’d be surprised to know that many local butcher shops offer whole hogs for sale. The important thing to remember is that you’ll need to call them and get pricing and reserve one ahead of time. Butchers typically either cut them up to resell the different portions of the pig, or the whole pigs sell out quickly to other barbecuing fans, so make sure you order one in advance. Another option is to contact your local pig farm if you happen to live near one. Just keep in mind that unlike the butcher shop, farmers will not usually clean and dress the pig for you in advance. Decide Your Method There are three common ways to cook an entire pig: on the grill, using a rotisserie, or over a fire pit. If you’re using a grill, it needs to be long enough and big enough overall to accommodate the pig to ensure everything cooks evenly. Make sure your grill or smoker maintains a constant temperature of about 200-250 degrees. The pig will need to be laid skin side up and should only be put on the grill when the coals have turned white. For a rotisserie, use the manufacturer’s manual and follow the specifics for the weight of the pig and the meat type (in this case, pork). Fire pits are fun to use but require more work. You’ll need to put rocks at the bottom of the pit and cover the pig with wet burlap to prevent it from burning. When fire gets going, lay the pig on a wire or mesh screen directly over the fire. Keep a close eye on your fire pit at all times; the fat from the pig can drip into the fire and cause it to flare up. Get Cookin’ Once you’ve decided on your cooking method, it’s time to get the pig ready to go! The most important thing to remember when cooking any type of meat is to pay special attention to the internal temperature. Remember that this is a lot of meat, so it can take several hours before it’s completely done and has reached a correct and stable temperature. Patience is key. You can slather on some marinade or sauce to add some extra flavor. They key to cooking a whole pig successfully is to remain patient, keep a close eye on it, and only serve it when the meat is soft and falling off the bone. If your social event is too soon for you to get a pig and have it prepped in time, another great option is to order in barbecue catering from a company like Grumpy’s Bar B Que Roadhouse. This will allow you to enjoy a stress-free party while giving you extra time to perfect your cooking skills before you serve up pork to the whole...

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Five Kinds Of Chocolate Used To Make Gourmet Chocolates And Why You Should Familiarize Yourself With Them

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Gourmet chocolates (such as those from Abdallah Candies And Gifts) are sweets that are desired all around the globe. If you are not a “chocoholic,” as some chocolate addicts are, then you probably are not familiar with the many kinds of chocolate used to make gourmet chocolates. You should familiarize yourself with this multipurpose ingredient, especially if you want to work in a kitchen or bakery some day. Here are five kinds of chocolate with which to familiarize yourself.      Pure Ground Raw Chocolate This is cacao, taken from the cocoa or cacao beans. The seed pods are plucked when ripe, cracked open and the seeds from within are scooped out and dried either in the sun or in a hot oven. Then the beans are ground into a powder, which you can use in just about anything from wine-making to reductions over meat to desserts. There is absolutely no sugar in this raw cocoa, nor is any of the beans’ natural fats removed. White Chocolate White chocolate is not really chocolate at all, but the fats extracted from the cocoa bean. It is pure cocoa butter/cocoa fat, which is why it is so creamy and smooth. When you use “white chocolate” in your recipes, you do so to add just a hint of chocolate flavor with a lot of texture and creaminess. It is perfect for sauces because of its rich buttery goodness. Milk Chocolate So named for the milk, sugar and heavy cream added during the mixing process, milk chocolate is made to be very sweet an extremely easy to melt. It lends itself well to drinks, pastries and desserts because it blends so easily and added milk, cream or sugar really are not necessary. Milk chocolate is a very common ingredient in chocolate candymaking because it is also very easy to mold and cool in forms. Dark Chocolate When you extract some or all of the fats/cocoa butter from chocolate and limit the amount of sugar added, you get dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is also very popular for gourmet chocolatiers because it creates an indulgent taste when mixed with fruit flavors or citrus. If you have other recipes that use fruits and citrus flavors, then you may be able to create a whole new spin on the recipe by adding accents of dark chocolate. Chocolate Liqueur For anyone who loves to combine alcohol and chocolate, chocolate liqueur is perfect. It takes the finest chocolate beans, squeezes them to get the liquid essence out, and ferments the essence into sticky syrup, which is then combined with a little sugar to cut the bitterness. You can drink chocolate liqueur straight or use it in truffles, main courses, drinks, appetizers,...

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2 Tips For Planning Vegetarian Catering At Your Wedding

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If you are a vegetarian and are planning a catered wedding, you are in good company. A recent survey established that 5% (1 out of 20) of Americans consider themselves to be vegetarians. Fortunately, by implementing several ideas for the menu on your big day, you will be able to meet the expectations of your guests and still comply with your own dietary beliefs. There is no need to sacrifice your own stance on the consumption of animals or animal products on your special day.  Be Very Clear With The Caterer As To What Food Is Or Is Not Acceptable It is important to remember that there are many different types of vegetarian diets in existence today. Although to you, not eating meat may automatically mean you are a vegetarian, others may lean toward allowing some fish into a vegetarian diet.  There is also the possibility of a vegetarian diet incorporating some aspects of a vegan diet, and therefore the use of eggs or dairy products may not be an option. You have probably already noticed that even within the confines of any particular type of vegetarian diet, people will often adapt their food preferences and therefore, cataloging each person is rarely easy.   If you, your fiancĂ© or your guests avoid eggs or dairy products, you will need to discuss the situation with your caterer. Although cakes that are not made with eggs, milk and butter exist, they will often provide a special challenge to their creators.  Make Multiple Food Options Available To Your Guests Obviously, the standard question about “chicken or beef” at your wedding will not be asked. One positive aspect of a vegetarian menu at your wedding is one you probably have already noticed at home. Specifically, meat is expensive and meals that are made meat-free tend to be more affordable. As a result, you may want to consider more than two meal options. That way, your guests are more likely to find something they enjoy. Pasta dishes, eggplant, meatless burgers and anything made of mushrooms provides texture and taste to your guests. At the same time, the situation will also allow you to illustrate to concerned family members and friends that you do eat more than just a vegetable plate at every meal.         In conclusion, you already know that following a vegetarian diet is not always easy. Fortunately, by choosing the right caterer and effectively communicating your concerns, you can have the day you have always wanted and still feel good about the food you provide to your...

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Easy Ideas For Natural Fabric Softeners

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The scent of fresh laundry is a smell that many people enjoy but few may consider the source of what makes fresh laundry smell so good. Dryer sheets and fabric softener will make laundry smell amazing and feel soft to the touch, but when was the last time you stopped to think about what goes into these products to make them work so well. Well, after doing a little research, you may be surprised to find out how many toxic chemicals are found in fabric softeners. What’s worse is that wearing clothes that are treated with these chemicals leaves the wearer open to absorbing the chemicals into their body. With all this said, it is still hard to deny the benefits of using a fabric softener, with the main benefit being having softer laundry that smells fresh and clean. Luckily, there are natural alternatives to synthetic fabric softeners that will yield the same results as commercial fabric softeners without the health risks. Here are some easy alternatives to try: White Distilled Vinegar Using white distilled vinegar in your laundry is an easy and inexpensive way to add softness to your clothes. White distilled vinegar also has the ability to remove unpleasant odors from clothes, making it a great tool to use when washing work-out clothes (which can hold onto funky odors). An added bonus of using vinegar in the washing machine is that it helps to remove soap scum and build-up. To use white distilled vinegar, simply add the vinegar during the rinse cycle. One cup is enough for a large load of laundry, and you can adjust accordingly for smaller loads. Tennis Balls While this method might be slightly noisy, adding a tennis ball to the dryer with your wet clothes will help to soften the load. It is a good idea to use discretion with this method; adding tennis balls to delicate fabrics may cause damage to the clothes. Tennis balls are best to be used with heavier fabrics such as jeans or outerwear. Aluminum Foil Adding a ball of aluminum foil to the dryer will eliminate static cling. Homemade Fabric Softener Making your own fabric softener is quick, easy, and one batch can last a long time. For a simple recipe start with 6 cups of water, add 3 cups of white distilled vinegar and 2 cups of hair conditioner. Stir it well and it is ready to use. This natural fabric softener mixture can be added to the wash cycle like other fabric softeners or a small amount can be applied to a wash cloth and tossed in the dryer with the wet...

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3 Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Caterer

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Are you planning your wedding? If so, one of the first vendors you’ll need to book is your wedding caterer. Your caterer plays a huge role in how your guests remember your wedding. If the food and service are high-quality, then that will add to their enjoyment of the evening. If the caterer’s performance isn’t so great, that could leave your guests with a sour taste in their mouths. It’s worth the time to interview several caterers and do your due diligence before making a selection. Here are a few things to consider as you’re looking at caterers. What does the food look like? Taste is obviously an important consideration, but so is the plate’s appearance. Consider that plates of food will likely be the last thing to hit your guests’ tables before they transition into party mode. You’ve invested in centerpieces, linens, and other table decorations to make the reception visually appealing. You should take time to ensure that the food will match the same standard. The catering company should have photos to provide. You can also search for them on social media. You’ll likely see pictures on the company’s own social media page, but also comments about the company from people who hired them in the past. This could be the best way to see pictures and get other unbiased reviews. Can they work in your venue? You venue will likely recommend a list of preferred caterers. It’s a good idea to consider these caterers because they’ll be familiar with the venue’s kitchen and service should run without a hitch. However, you may want to consider vendors outside of that list. Or, you may be holding your reception in a non-traditional location like a park or your backyard, so there’s no history of preferred vendors available. If that’s the case, be sure to get a full understanding of how the caterer will prepare the meal and how it will be served. Will it be prepared offsite and transported to the reception? If so, how will it be kept warm? Does the venue have all the equipment the caterer needs to prepare your specific food items? Get into the details on this so you don’t have any surprises on your big day. Can they accommodate special requests? Caterers often face a big challenge in that they are preparing a large amount of food that all has to be served at the same time. That can make it difficult for them to go off the menu for special requests. However, if you know in advance that you may need special accommodations, they may be able to plan ahead for it. Do you have a guest who has specific food allergies? Can they prepare kid friendly plates like chicken nuggets for the children who are in attendance? Talk about this in advance with the caterer and see if they’re open to working with you on this point. For more information, contact a catering company like Mascaro’s Catering. They can share their processes with you and help you understand how they can make your big day...

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Questions About Buying K-Cups

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There are few things that can be more enjoyable than your morning cup of coffee. Sadly, many people struggle to make coffee that is the perfect strength. Luckily, K-cups are designed to solve this problem by ensuring that you always have the perfect mix of water and coffee. While coffee makers that use these cups have started to grow in popularity, there are many people who have questions about K-cups before they decide to make this upgrade.  Does It Matter What Brand Of K-Cup You Get? There are many different types of these cups that you can purchase for your coffee maker. However, some people make the mistake of assuming that it does not matter what type of cup they use for their coffee maker. In fact, there are many different models of coffee makers that will only use specific K-cups, and if you attempt to use the incorrect one, you may find that your coffee maker fails to work.  Due to this fact, you should only purchase the cups that are specified by your owner’s manual. While there may be cheaper alternatives available, they may not be compatible with your system, and this can lead to wasted money.  How Does The Coffee Maker Know It Is The Incorrect K-Cup? Many people are amazed that their coffee maker can determine what type of cup is being used with it. For those that are curious about how this process is done, there are generally two ways that manufacturers can go about this. First, they can equip the coffee maker with a special scanner that is able to read a barcode or some other feature of the cup. Alternatively, there are other coffee makers that utilize a custom-designed port for the cup that will only accommodate their specific brand cup.  If you do not like the idea of being forced to use a particular type of K-cup, you should carefully read the description of the coffee maker before you purchase it. These makers will say what type of cup it takes, and choosing one that can work with multiple types of K-cup will help ensure that you can always get the flavor you want for the best possible price.  Coffee makers have experienced dramatic advances in recent years, and one of the most revolutionary is the K-cup. By using these ready to make pre-packaged coffee containers, you can help ensure that you always brew the perfect cup of coffee. However, it is important for you to understand the answers to these two questions to make sure that you buy the correct K-cups the next time you are at the...

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